Very recently, I’ve decided to build a blog. I was deciding on a couple of different platforms (e.g. wordpress) and decided that i wanted something simple, expressive and static. I had previously used Stacey and fell in love with her, but more recently i have been building things in ruby on rails, and wanted a tool i could switch to easily in my vagrant box, when i felt like “blogging”.

At any rate, i was looking for some themes i could “borrow”, but none quite met my design-backward ways. I thought it would be nice to provide some here, in one fancy listicle.

Without further ado, my listicle of great jekyll blogs:

Jekyll bootstrap-specific themes:

Big list of jekyll themes (although some don’t appear to be functional / actually jekyll):

If you are interested in this particular jekyll theme, sign up and i’ll send you the download link.